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This campaign for McDonald's and James Cameron's Avatar lets you pload a photo of yourself and experience the magic of Pandora as your own Na'vi.

Upload a photo of your friend and make him confess a secret in this campaign from Y&R Argentina for Quilmes beer.

Cheez-Its and Paramount are promoting the newest Star Trek movie with this campaign inviting users to join the crew of the USS Enterprise.

Our fourth campaign for Purina invites you and your dog to upload a photo and star in an MC Hammer-inspired music video.

Create a whole new you as part of this campaign for Disney's Surrogates, just by uploading a photo and manipulating your age, race, and mood.

Grab a virtual partner, upload two photos, and start making babies in this campaign from CP+B for Volkwagen.

The world-famous Monk-e-Mail is one of the most successful viral campaigns of all time with more than 50 million users and counting.

Turn yourself into a bonafide star in this sleek, wildly imaginative web campaign for Nokia's new 5320 music phone.

3D VideoStar technology lets users star in some of the most memorable action and comedy movie scenes in this promotion for Fox and MGM Home Video.

Enter the Candy Lab and put your talking face on an M&M. When you're done, you can purchase your creation as a custom-printed batch of real M&M's candies.

Our 3D VideoStar technology powers this breakthrough viral campaign promoting the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, which allows users to insert their friends into a movie scene.

Music, animation, and personalized characters come together in "Theme Song-a-Tron," an Oddcast-powered viral promoting the new Ford Focus.