Head Tracking enables an application to respond according to users' facial features and movements. Head Tracking technology tracks the face, nose, eyes, mouth, and other features of the face using only a webcam and flash. No download or installation is needed.

Core Functionality

  • User-facing seamless integrated Flash interface for head and face tracking.
  • Features are recognized separately.
  • Head Tracking can track distance from the webcam.
  • Head Tracking can be added to any Oddcast application.
  • Application will respond to the user's movement.
  • Direct movement and behaviors of characters within application through face controls.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Augmented Reality technology.

Sample Deployments

Deployment Options & Purchasing

Every deployment is different, so we need to know what you have in mind. Following consultation, we can recommend the best technology and customization options and provide a formal quote.

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