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Overcoming TTS Character Limit - "Reading a Long Story

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The following story consists of 2700 characters.

At the age of thirty-six Gemma had always been hoping that her life would change, it was always a struggle for her to get out of bed in the mornings knowing the days would go on in the same way they had done for so many years. After all what could she do to change things? That is what she had thought until one day at least, what could she do? Then she realised. Now, she found herself in what could easily have been mistaken for paradise, she was surrounded by fields, and a cloudless sky, but the sun did not dazzle, in fact the sun was nowhere to be seen. But who looks at the sun anyway? Small children curious as to why their teacher tells them not to look at it, thats who looks, and they soon gain their answer as well. Gemma continued on her little walk, wondering where on earth she might end up. Field after field after field, even in the warm weather and gentle light she could not help but weary of the rustic beauty of the place, where were the farmers she thought.
Did they not have some sort of work to do in the summer months? Pondering this she was wandering where the last house she had seen had been, but she could only recollect houses on the outskirts of her home town and none out here. This did not bother her though, why would it? She had made her decision and was taking control, she cursed her lack of shoes though, as romantic as it had seemed to walk upon the grass barefoot it was now becoming quite the annoyance when she would tread upon a stone and have the pain jolt her from her minds peaceful wanderings. Where were her shoes though? What had she actually done with them? Not carrying them with her would she find them again? She wished she had fetched her handbag, for then at least she could have fetched a drink along.
On that note she thought it about time to rest a little. Not too far away the landscape became slightly hilly, she thought of how it almost looked suitable for a hobbit to have his home there. What an ideal place to stop she thought. Making her way to this place she grew ever more tired, every step it seemed was draining her energy and she lay down, half stumbling on to the grass, so completely exhausted had she become though that she lay at an awkward angle, her head at least was facing the sky flat against the grass. She sighed and wandered if this had been a good idea. Looking up at the endless blue, something began to creep into her vision; she couldnt tell if it was in the sky or in her very eyes, her body convulsed at such a disturbing thought. A cool sensation swept her face, then down her back and across her body, she tried to raise her hands but found them to be unresponsive to her will. She tried to gasp, or call out in fear.

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