VHost Support

Scene management commands

Available for Studio Only

Flow Control functions can be used to affect the playback order of the Scenes in a Show during playback. These functions make it possible to add non-linear behavior to the pre-defined show.

Set next scene:
setNextSceneIndex(sceneNum) - sets the index of the next scene in the flow, to a specific or to a random scene. This call overrides the value of the next scene specified during editing. The next scene will not actually load until a call for the next scene is invoked (by either clicking on the Player's Next button, waiting for auto-advance to kick-in, or calling the gotoNextScene() API function.

Go to a specific scene:
gotoScene(sceneNum) - loads the specified scene. SceneNum can be a specific scene or a randomly selected one. The current scene is interrupted and the specified scene loads immediately.

Go to previous scene:
gotoPrevScene() - loads the previous scene, according to playback order.

Go to next scene:
gotoNextScene() - loads the next scene, following the playback order.

Replay Scene:
replay() - replays current scene.

See the source of this frame for the API code

setNextSlideIndex('2') setNextSceneIndex('1-4')
gotoScene('2') gotoScene('1-4')
gotoPrevScene() gotoNextScene()

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