VHost Support

Stop and restart Speech

Available for Studio & SitePal

Navigation Flow Functions:
replay(1) -- Playback Limit is ignored.

Facial functions:
followCursor(1)    followCursor(0)

Speech functions:

Facial Functions:
freezeToggle() - toggles between pause and play during playback

Eyes Follow Cursor:
followCursor(mode) - turns 'follow cursor' ON (mode=1) or OFF (mode=0).

Re-center face:
Recenter() - re-centers the VHost face. This is useful in the case of interrupting long setGaze() calls and bringing the face back to a forward looking position.

Speech Functions:
Stop Speech:
stopSpeech() - stops the currently playing speech. Use freezeToggle() to toggle between pause and play of the speech.

Flow Functions:
replay() - replays the speech. Default value is false if true (1) then playback of the Scene ignores playback limit status

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