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Artificial Intelligence: AI allows users to type questions in a natural way, such as "How much does this product cost?" From there, AI technology can reply with the right answer, pulled from a data knowledge-base. This type of technology is also known as a 'natural-language search engine' because it allows people to look for answers in a much more intuitive – and enjoyable – way than traditional keyword searches.

Application Programming Interface: A set of function calls that will allow the VHost™ to respond to people's actions on the website. For example, the host can say something when a user rolls over a button. VHost APIs are available in JavaScript and ActionScript (Flash). VHost API documentation is available in the support section of the site.

Application Service Provider: Oddcast's VHost Studio™ is an ASP solution. This means that nothing needs to be installed, configured, or changed on the customer's servers to deliver Oddcast VHost as an integral part of the customer's website. See "Export" "Publish [ASP]" and "Publish [Export]"

Bulletin Board System; an online bulletin board where users post and respond to messages.

A VHost model that has been designed and is ready to be included into a VHost scene or show.

Information that publishers can store in a user's web browser in order to track user visits more accurately; Oddcast's VHost can read and respond to cookies.

CRM Tool
Customer Relationship Management tool; software which assists marketers in tracking user behavior and provides personalized and targeted responses.

An external file containing a VHost scene or show. No longer connected to the servers at Oddcast, exports can be hosted on private, third-party servers, or published on CD ROMs. This premium feature is available in VHost Studio only.

A base VHost character, which has not been customized by feature, coloring or wardrobe.

Natural Language
Casual, non-technical conversation; an AI-powered VHost can respond to any Natural Language query. See AI.

Programming Time
The combined time for all of your published VHost shows. For example, an account with fifteen minutes of programming time could have:

  • Three 5-minute shows being broadcast at the same time. This equals fifteen minutes of on-air programming.
  • Fifteen 1-minute shows
  • Or any combination of shows that add up to fifteen minutes of total programming time.
The programming time is measured by the length of all the audio files which are "on air."

Publish [ASP]
To make publicly available a VHost scene or show that is hosted by Oddcast.

Publish [Export]
To make publicly available a VHost scene or show that has been exported, and is no longer connected to the VHost Studio, exports may be hosted on any servers.

The building block of all VHost programming. A scene is a combination of a character, an audio message, and a background. The maximum amount of time for an audio message in a single scene is one minute. See "Show" and "Stream."

Like any movie or play, a show consists of multiple scenes. The ability to link scenes together to build shows that are longer than one minute is available only with the VHost Studio product line. See "Stream."

A stream is defined as one user hearing one scene in a VHost show. For example:

  • If a person hears 5 different scenes, then 5 streams have been used.
  • If a person hears the same scene 10 times, then 10 streams have been used.
Streams are measured by counting the VHost audio files which are "streamed" by Oddcast's servers over the Internet. If you place a single VHost scene on a web-page with 10,000 page-views, you should expect to use 10,000 streams.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)
The ability to dynamically convert text into synthesized speech. Oddcast has integrated its VHost with the world's leading TTS solutions, AT&T Natural Voices, and Loquendo. This premium functionality can be bundled into the VHost Studio and VHost SitePal® so characters can verbalize dynamic information.

VHost AI™
A VHost solution that allows people to search a knowledge base by typing questions. The VHost then converts the text output into speech and tells them the answer. See AI, Natural Language

Oddcast's proprietary embodied conversation character tool and client server technologies.

VHost SitePal®
A budget-priced VHost product for small businesses. The SitePal allows users to create single scenes using up to one minute of audio per scene.

VHost Studio
The VHost authoring, administration and tracking tool, the core of the VHost product line. The VHost Studio allows users to link multiple scenes together to create shows, or to export finished programming for distribution on other servers or CD ROM.

VHost Workshop™
A consumer-facing VHost product that websites may deploy to let their visitors create, post and email their own VHost messages.

VHost Mail
A VHost application for personal email correspondence.

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