1. Learn

Our process begins by learning all we can about your audiences, offering, brand, and overall marketing goals. In doing so, we can develop campaigns that not only engage and entertain, but also work in the context of your overall communications strategy.

2. Plan

In this phase, we work with you to develop a creative approach that will engage your customers and meet your campaign goals. It is here that we define the nature of the experience- talking monkeys, dancing fools, video mixers, etc.

3. Deploy

In this phase, we build out the campaign creatively and technically. This includes the implementation of video-mapping, speech, and other technologies required to bring the campaign to life.

4. Track

Oddcast's campaigns can be tracked the day they are launched. Click throughs, time-on-site, pass-alongs, uploads, and more. In every way you need to track and measure the campaign, Oddcast can deliver.