Text to Speech API

Agencies and developers can use our Text to Speech APIs to integrate Oddcast TTS capability into any web or mobile application.

Voice Toolkit API

All of our voice-based functionalities - Record by Phone, Record by Mic, and Text to Speech - in a developer package, ready and waiting to be used in your next Flash or JavaScript app.

Audio Engine API

A suite of APIs (JavaScript and ActionScript) that allow client-side audio mixing, stitching, and manipulation.

AV Capture API

A streamlined solution for agencies and developers to capture both the video and audio of a user's session concurrently. Seamlessly packages an entire on-screen app experience as an easy-to-share video.

Text to Sing API

Pick a melody and type out some lyrics - our Text to Sing will carry the tune for you.

Face Detection API

Use Face Tracking in your augmented reality Flash application to create immersive, fun experiences.

Avatar Studio

A full avatar development studio to create and deploy talking avatars on websites, intranets, e-mail newsletters, and more.

Avatar Framework API

The world's only out-of-the-box avatar solution for online communities, company-wide initiatives, and social sites. Easily provide users with the power to create and use speaking avatars as part of their profile or personal page.

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