Integrate Oddcast text-to-speech utility into any web or mobile application with our powerful set of TTS APIs. Our robust API technology, accessible to developers and agencies, enables seamless audio-powered applications to enrich user experiences and engage audiences.

How it Works - TTS Integration Made Simple

Core Functionality

Voice & Sound (Try Demo)

  • The largest TTS voice selection in the industry - featuring 30+ languages and 185+ voices!
  • Special audio effects to make it even more fun!
    Experiment with pitch, bullhorn, robot, duration and more.
  • Emotive cues to let users insert emotional sounds
    Kiss, Cry, Laugh and more (*Not all TTS voices support emotive cues)

API compatibility

  • Connect the Oddcast TTS utility to any dynamic web application
  • Supports both Flash & JavaScript
  • Available both as Server-side API and Flash component API
  • Supports Mobile implementation via Server-to-Server API

Admin & Reporting

  • Reporting functionality to track and analyze usage by voice, language, # of API calls.
  • Fully customizable profanity filter system.
    • Includes a default library of 100 common profane words
    • An admin interface to add / remove words.
    • Language specific profanity lists can be created
    • Bad words can also be replaced with sound effects (e.g. beep)
    • Read more here - Oddcast TTS API documentation

Sample Deployments

Deployment Options & Purchasing

Oddcast Text to Speech API offers:

  • Unlimited API calls
  • Flexible month-by-month contract
  • No setup fees

For pricing information, please give us a call at 212.375.6290 and ask for enterprise sales, or email sales@oddcast.com