The Face Tracking API allows Flash developers to harness advanced technology previously available only in high end video games. Face detection and tracking capabilities can be used to create immersive and fun experiences. Blink detection is also available (see the "Sleep Therapy" demo below).

Core Functionality

Oddcast provides a client side faceless swf object (agent), to be loaded by licensee host application from Oddcast servers. The agent can locate and track a face if it appears within the Flash player webcam feed.

The agent supports an ActionScript API that allows host app to specify the following parameters:

  1. Webcam dimensions
  2. Stage reference
  3. Webcam analysis rate

The agent sends periodic events (at the specified rate) to continuously inform the host app of the location of the face in the frame. Facial points tracked include: eyes, nose, mouth, chin and several others.

Sample Deployments

Deployment Options & Purchasing

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