Take advantage of advanced Oddcast technology, used in enterprise applications, that now allows any developer to record user actions directly from within the browser.

Capture any audio and video interaction that takes place on-screen within your Flash application and generate a video that can be shared, stored, and published per your application needs.

Core Functionality

Oddcast's AV Capture Module is designed to capture both the video and audio of a user's session concurrently, seamlessly packaging the entire on-screen application experience in an easy-to-share format.

Key benefits include:

  • Captures any area within a Flash application
  • Webcam not required
  • No install or plug-in
  • No "user approval" required
  • No installation required on your servers
  • No FMS license, setup or maintenance
  • Generates video in FLV or MP4 formats
  • Access captured video within seconds for immediate playback
  • Grab the video for storage on external servers

A faceless .swf object, the Oddcast AV Capture Module is capable of capturing video from animations, webcam, or any on or off-stage DisplayObject or BitmapData while recording audio via a microphone. After videos are recorded, they can be previewed and saved - which provides a URL to the compressed video resource on Oddcast servers.

The AV Capture Module supports an ActionScript 3.0 API that allows your app to control the following:

  • Video dimensions, frame rate and returned file type
  • Target object and rectangular crop area to capture from
  • Playback (play, pause, stop, seek) − for user approval before saving
  • Video format to generate when saving

Sample Deployments

Deployment Options & Purchasing

Annual licensing of Oddcast's AV Capture Module starts at $5,000. Additional package and pricing options are available, based on your needs. To schedule a demo and for pricing details, call us at 212.375.6290 and ask for enterprise sales, or email email sales@oddcast.com