The Audio Engine API puts the power of Oddcast audio technology at your disposal. By using the Audio Engine API, developers can integrate advanced audio-manipulation functionality into their sites and applications. The API allows developers to transcode, mix, and sequence audio files through secure back-end API calls.

Developers who also want to include user-generated audios as part of the Audio Engine experience can also integrate our Voice Toolkit developer package.

Core Functionality

Audio Engine functionality is implemented and executed on the Oddcast server farm, where we have allocated massively-scalable computing capacity that is capable of serving millions of requests per day. By taking advantage of the economy of scale embodied by our infrastructure, Oddcast is able to offer this functionality as a cloud-computing service at an affordable price.

The Audio Engine API includes the following functionality:

  • Sequential audio stitching
  • Audio mixing with up to 120 parallel input tracks
  • Audio format transcoding. Supported formats include:
    • Input: MP3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, AMR, QCELP, FLV (nellymoser), GSM
    • Output: SWF (MP3/SMAF/ADPCM), MP3, AMR, QCELP, WMA

Developers may also use our Text to Speech functionality, and our Audio Engine API can function in conjunction with the Voice Toolkit to provide both audio creation and audio manipulation capabilities.

Sample Deployments

Deployment Options & Purchasing

Annual licensing starts at $5,000. Additional package and pricing options are available, based on your needs. To schedule a demo and for pricing details, call us at 212.375.6290 and ask for enterprise sales, or email sales@oddcast.com.