Beam Me Up

Kellogg's Cheez-It brand and Paramount, the studio behind the new Star Trek, launched a major cross-promotion in the months leading up to the film's release. Oddcast worked with Brigandi + Associates to create Trek Yourself, which allows users to upload a photo and transform themselves into a member of the star ship's crew.

Boldly Going Everywhere

Everyone involved in this campaign knew it had the potential to be a huge success, and our foremost concern was making sure it was easy for fans to share their creations. The application was built using widget technology that complemented Oddcast's core sharing engine and incorporated a few new features, including the ability to grab the entire application and post it to blogs, social network pages, and almost anywhere else across the web. This distribution model made promotion a breeze: publisher sites jumped at the chance to present their readers with the full app on their own sites, and within weeks it was live on thousands of sites.

Results & Raves