Go Spud Yourself

Oddcast worked with OMD London to build this campaign for Walkers Crisps, allowing users to turn themselves - or their friends and enemies - into talking potatoes. It's simple, direct, and lots of fun.

The Value of Absurdity

The value of absurdity is something we often stress to our agency and brand clients. Successful campaigns don't always require a "high" concept, elaborate set up, or research-tested value proposition. Sometimes, simplicity and fun is all it takes to make a hit - just like this Walkers Crisps campaign. There's no complex set up, no elaborate customization options. Just your face on a potato. A talking potato. Go spud yourself!

Results & Raves

  • 12% of users posted Spuds to Facebook and other social networks.
  • 33% of users discovered the application via an email from a friend.
  • 16% of email recipients went on to send the application to friends.