Make a Friend Confess

To celebrate Argentina’s National Friend’s Day, Y&R Argentina and Quilmes Beer teamed up with Oddcast to launch the Hace Confesar a un Amigo campaign. Using PhotoFace technology, the application allows not only for a photo upload, but also for users to alter the emotions of the character after the photo has been rendered in 3D.

Realistic Faces Deliver the Message

The instant success of the Quilmes Hace Confesar a un Amigo campaign has much to do with the realistic faces generated using 3D PhotoFace technology. The face is the center of the action and, without added frills and distractions, users spend time editing and creating messages. The new custom emotions introduce a new layer of fun to forcing a friend to confess a secret. The application is a great example of simplicity done right: there is just enough fun to be had in an easy interface that encourages user interaction.

Results & Raves

  • Over 5 million user sessions in the first month
  • Average time spent on page: over 11 minutes
  • Over 500,000 messages created in the first month
  • Read the full case study.