Go Wild

Are you an Animal Rocker? A Pink Popper? A Philharmaniac? How about an Electro Blipper? If you're unsure, don't worry: Nokia can help you find your musical style with this site from Wieden+Kennedy London and Oddcast.

Controlling User Customization

Oddcast 3D PhotoFace characters allow users to control every last detail. Sometimes, however, it's better to limit the degree and type of customization. The Nokia campaign is a great example of this: instead of letting users change their eyes, nose, lips, and other features, Nokia used a few simple slider bars to control the overall "attitude" of the character. Slide to the left for a milder look; slide to the right for something totally wild. No fussing with every last detail. It's a great lesson in how to create the feeling of customization while keeping the experience simple, fast, and in tune with your brand.

Results & Raves

  • This global campaign included local versions of the site and application in 28 markets worldwide.
  • Versions of the application were created to utilize text-to-speech, audio, and songs in nineteen languages, including: Chinese, Italian, German, Thai, Croatian, Swedish, and Polish.