I Want Candy

Working with IMC2 and World of M&M's, Oddcast created the Candy Lab - a virtual laboratory where users can upload a photo, put their face on an M&M, and make it talk or sing! They were then able to purchase the results of their work as real M&M's at the My M&M's Store.

Where Viral Meets Direct Sales

The majority of Oddcast campaigns are focused on awareness, branding, or generating leads. However, as the success of the M&M's campaign shows, selling products directly from an Oddcast-powered experience can be extremely effective. Because the user is already immersed in your experience and interacting with your brand, it's an easy step to purchasing products. Imagine dressing up characters in clothing that can be purchased, or stepping into the role of video game character with the option to purchase. And since users tend to pass on experiences to peers within their demographic, the offer doesn't just spread virally - it spreads to the right target audience.

Results & Raves

  • 6% of users went to the online store to buy their creation.
  • More than $50,000 in product sold through the application in its first month!