Share and Share Alike

Created by Publicis Modem and Oddcast, this innovative campaign pushes the limits of what a banner can do. Users are invited to become a "Good Beer Samaritan" by uploading and sending personalized speaking messages to their friends - all from within a simple banner.

How to Get More from Banners

Oddcast is known for viral campaigns such as Monk-e-Mail. But, as this Heineken campaign shows, there is tremendous potential to use our technologies in banners, buttons, and other forms of online advertising. For users, the experience is more engaging and less intrusive than typical advertising. For brands and agencies, brand impact is increased because users actually engage with the brand. Moreover, studies have show huge increases in clickthrough rates when banners are enhanced with avatars and interactivity.

Results & Raves

  • 105,000 users clicked to begin a session with the banner.
  • Average length of interactions was 2.4 minutes.
  • 2% of users emailed messages from within the banner.
  • 2,100 users posted to their blog or social network.