Who's Your Hero?

The third seasonal update to Fox and MGM Home Entertainment's My Movie Moment campaign is here, and it's action-packed: Terminator, Robocop, Office Space, Dodgeball, and more. The application has also been redesigned and completely rebuilt, using the latest release of our VideoStar technology and a new widget platform that allows users to grab and re-post the whole application.

The Next Big Advance

The Fox Home campaign is notable for its use of our new VideoStar technology in widget-form, which lets users insert themselves into actual movie scenes. For brands and agencies, the technology opens up striking new possibilities in user-driven entertainment. Instead of just dancing or talking, users can do battle in fight scenes, drive cars in chase scenes, perform stunts, appear with celebrities, and more. The possibilities are truly endless, all thanks to our 3D VideoStar.

Results & Raves

  • 1.3 million user sessions
  • Average user engagement time: 3 minutes
  • 40% of sessions resulted in a video generated
  • 50,000+ versions of the app have been grabbed as widgets and shared on social networks, blogs and content aggregators across the web
  • 20% of total site traffic came from visitors of shared creations

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