Let's Dance

To promote its new Focus model, Ford tagged Wunderman and Oddcast to create a fun, engaging campaign that would connect with targeted younger audiences and drive brand awareness. The result was "Theme Song-a-Tron," which allows users to upload their photo, dress up in their favorite style, and rock out to their personal theme song.

When is Voice Really Necessary?

Many of Oddcast's most successful campaigns utilize voice, whether using record by mic, phone, or by typing using Text-to-Speech. As the Ford Theme Song-a-Tron campaign demonstrates, however, it is possible - and sometimes even preferable - to leave out voice in the interest of a simpler, faster experience. The key is to provide just enough choices to engage the user, but not so many that the user is overwhelmed and abandons the experience before reaching your end goal. The Ford campaign strikes just the right balance.

Results & Raves

  • 600,000 user sessions.
  • 159,000 branded emails sent.
  • 100% email open rate.
  • 11% of email recipients sent their own message.

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