Bunnies Under the Influence

Cadbury Schweppes chose Oddcast to bring their burping bunnies to the web. Users customize photo-realistic rabbits and type a message, which is then converted using Oddcast's proprietary "Text-to-Burp" technology. Who doesn't like bunnies?

The Hidden Power of Text to Speech

Most think of text-to-speech technology as a robotic substitute for actual voice. But when you take a more creative approach, as 7-Up did with this campaign, text-to-speech can open up new creative possibilities. It can be used to create different accents, intonations, and effects. It can speak in male or female voices. It can translate into different languages. It can even create karaoke-style experiences where everything typed becomes part of a song. Or, in the case of 7Up, it can infect everything you type with burps.

Results & Raves

  • 20% of users emailed the application to a friend.
  • Average user created and listened to three Text-to-Burp messages.
  • Users spent almost five minutes on the site.