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Since 1999, Oddcast's innovative technology has opened up new opportunities for audience participation and entertainment that deliver results for our clients. Our solutions allow consumers to interact with branded content on the internet, mobile devices & social platforms.

Many of our capabilities are focused on the face – because we have noticed this singular & universal truth – everybody has one!

We live by these. You should too.

Get personal

It's all about them. We get that. Use our technology to give your audience the chance to become one with your product, to see themselves in your brand. Let your brand and your consumer get to know each other. Only good things can come of this.

Be Shareable

Great personal content wants to be shared. And sharing is good. Sharing is better than good. The more your audience interacts with your brand, the more familiar they are with it. And interaction within a fun, creative context is the best - because it breeds goodwill towards your brand. And customer goodwill is priceless.

Dream Big

We're inventors. We imagine the possibilities and then we create them. When brands and agencies dream up new ways to reach audiences, we work with them to make those dreams tangible.

"It has to be personal. People are more likely to share content that they have personalized. Music that they created, an image that they customized, a message that they helped put together, a video with their face in it."

-Gil Sideman, CEO

Facial Imaging
Manipulating Faces
Facial Expressions
Reading Faces
Injecting Faces Into Videos
This can be fun, and a bit bizzare.
Morphing faces into branded characters
Not just pretty faces
We love to manipulate audio, video & animation too
Talking Monkeys
Interactive videos that call you and talk to you
Dancing elves
Augmented reality experiences