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Oddcast technologies unlock new creative possibilities for social media and viral marketing campaigns.

Powering the World's Biggest Online Hits

Since 1999, top brands and advertising agencies have turned to Oddcast to develop interactive, user-driven experiences that engage audiences in ways that cannot be achieved with typical online marketing. Oddcast has powered many of the web's biggest hits, including Ford's Theme Song-a-tron, Careerbuilder's Monk- e-Mail, Tide's Talking Stain, and Volkswagen's Babymaker. We have received multiple Webby awards for Viral Marketing Campaigns, an Addy Award, and our campaigns have been featured on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, AdAge, Creativity, TheFWA.com, and many more. Our work has been experienced by hundreds of millions of users - a testament to our founding belief that increasing user participation results in a deeper, more engaging brand experience.

Where Creative Vision Meets Creative Technology

Oddcast's technology innovations have opened up new opportunities for audience participation and entertainment. We pioneered the use of personalized talking avatars. Our 3D PhotoFace technology creates realistic 3D likenesses from a single uploaded image, and 3D VideoStar lets users mash themselves into existing film footage. We have also invented technologies that let audiences participate in virtual karaoke competitions, type lyrics that are sung out loud, participate in multi-user 3D environments, and even communicate in real time voice using animated flash characters.

Complex Campaigns at Super-Bowl Scale

Deploying complex campaigns on a large scale requires an immense technological infrastructure. That's why we've developed the world's only fully integrated system for deployment, management, and tracking of rich- media user-driven campaigns. Built on an ASP model, the Oddcast Platform requires no special plug-ins, provides precise real-time reporting, and is guaranteed to support any level of traffic required on a distributed and optimized server farm. Moreover, our platform is designed to work modularly - so even the most customized user experiences can be built with "out-of-the-box" ease.

Onward and Upward

At Oddcast, we're passionate about online technology and creating better, more participatory experiences for consumers. When a technology for an experience we want to create doesn't exist, we invent it. When brands and agencies demand a new way to reach audiences, we imagine it. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

By the Numbers

Number of people who've used Careerbuilder's Monk-e-Mail, an Oddcast powered campaign.
90% Percentage of people who prefer characters in interactive sessions, according to Stanford University's Center for the Study of Language and Information.
93% Percentage reduction in Vonage's CPA (Cost per Acquisition) when using Oddcast-powered interactive advertising, compared to traditional rich media advertising.
20 Number of languages into which Nokia's Music Almighty, an Oddcast powered campaign, was translated for local use.